CodelabExample1: a CRUD Model with GAE-Java using Ajax

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Hi my friend !

This is a CRUD Model that it's working with 02 related tables deployed on datastore of
Google App Engine using SDK for Java, and this case the model has been built using Ajax
(with JQuery framework), so achieving separate our Java code on the server side of the
front-side scripts..

last News :

details and download original project here (for Eclipse IDE users)
( included a set of important codelabs about GAE-Java )

for Netbeans users, you can download this codelab here
and follow instructions of our codelab "Working GAE-Java projects on Netbeans"..

Our proposal : GAE in action !

a model built with ExtJS and Ajax most appropriate for use GAE-Java in our developments..
..really, a nice challenge in finding solutions to "limitations and restrictions" of GAE platform and managing her datastore.
( in build ! )

and of course..
Enjoy our Integracion Google project !

Create Flow Chart

  1. Product/Item servlet will be invoked on clicking Save from UI
  2. doPut() method of respective servlet will invoke datastore API to persist the data into datastore

List Flow Chart

  1. Tab selection from UI invokes doGet() of the respective servlet
  2. JSON objects are returned to the UI and custom JSON converter will parse the JSON objects

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